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Hey all everybody, HB here calling in via electronic typewriter in Washington, DC. One week and some change under the belt, and we’re making our way into the second half of the tour already. New York was pretty good to us- we got to do Soundcheck Live on WNYC on thursday, which was really fun and great opportunity. Also we had two great shows both at the Bell House and Mercury Lounge, met some new friends and hung out with some old ones. Only one parking ticket casualty.

Philadelphia we played to an “intimate” crowd at World Cafe Live, and before hand Daniel and I (along with Dan Dorff and Joel Thomas Runyon) played some tunes for the radio, which will air tomorrow.

Tonight we’re playing in DC at a super cool venue called Sixth and I Synagogue. So far they have treated us well and we’re looking forward to the show. I’ve never played in the basement of a synagogue before so here goes nothing!

dmm & hb at wxpn studios in philadelphia

dmm & hb at wxpn studios in philadelphia

I’m having a blast playing “I Can Feel It” on this tour with Tony…  here back in May in Chicago…  and now we’ve got Ben and Kelly in tow!  Hoping I might rope some of Team Haley / Daniel into some tunes here soon, and perhaps join them for some special backing vocals (and shaker - please?)  - hw

Oregon-based composer/performance artist Holcombe Waller is described as a “genius, both gifted and cursed with the voice of a seraph and perfect pitch.” He also makes a heck of a video — one certain to leave the viewer amazed and conflicted with his combination of excellent musicianship and sheer oddity. (Go ahead, watch “Hardliners.”) Waller shares a bill with Minneapolis singer/songwriter Haley Bonar, who recently released her new album, Golder. Singer/songwriter Daniel Martin Moore also performs — he worked on the album Dear Companion (which raised awareness about mountaintop removal in his native Kentucky) with Jim James and Ben Sollee (read more about that album in this this week’s feature on Sollee). The show takes place at The Grey Eagle on Sunday, June 26. 8 p.m., $8 advance/$10 day of show. thegreyeagle.com.


We are on route to Boston and Tony has managed to finagle Wi-Fi in the car through his jail-broken iPhone, hallelujah!  See you tonight at Cafe 939 and tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge - hw

Midway through Pennsylvania, we found this.


Specialty *tour only* merch available while it lasts!

Hey party people,

I’ll be bringing a LIMITED AMOUNT of Golder EP’s with me on this tour- you cannot find them anywhere else, unless you pledged for one on kickstarter. They are hand made and signed and only available from me at the merch table, featuring 3 Golder outtakes and two demo versions of songs on Golder, including one remix by Dosh. Only $10!

Also I am bringing out a few of my hand stitched and spray painted rock n’ roll t shirts, which are available only in a couple of sizes and come with a digital download card of Golder, for only $40!

Daniel, Holcombe, and I will also be offering the 3 of our latest releases for only $30 all together!

See you at the merch table.

love, haleyb

"In the Cool of the Day," featuring Daniel Joseph Dorff on piano.  Along with Dan, my old pal & long-time collaborator Joel T. Runyan will be with us playing mandolin & keys, with Jake Hanson joining in on electronic bass.


three, two, one…

Holy spring summer where has the time gone? Already we leave this friday morning and just last night I started my stage dreams. Usually before a big show or a tour I have a dream that my band is playing behind the curtains in a big theater, and there’s another band set up in front of us on the actual stage. They play a few songs and then we play but everything sounds terrible and all I can manage to say is “I wish we could SEE you”….

Luckily, dreams are dreams and touring is playing in front of people. We are travelling light- ala minivan!- and head out this friday to play in Madison, WI, and then to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we’ll be opening for Andrew Bird. After that we meet up with Holcombe and Daniel Martin Moore along with their cronies and the real fun begins.

It’s been a few years since I’ve played the east coast- it brings back, as always, the memory of the first time I played in NYC. I was 20 years old, in a van with Alan Sparhawk of Low fame and two members of the ex-Duluth band If Thousands. Alan played a solo set, then I would play, then I would play drums with If Thousands (they were pretty experimental so don’t get the notion that I’m Ricky Rocket or anything)… but the first time we pulled into that beast of a city, I felt like I was seeing a real live dinosaur breathing in front of me. I looked out the window like a kid driving by Disney world, holding my breath with fear and excitement. We played at the Knitting Factory in soho, and I ate my first real mexican food (that is if Taco John’s doesn’t count?) and walked into a boutique and bought a beautiful handmade lacey shirt which I still have, hanging quite worn, in my closet today. It’s better than a photograph. Now, here I am, eight years, 4 albums, and a bun in the oven later. Touring is one of those things in life, for me, which doesn’t exist until you are in it. You get to be in a netherworld, not the real world, and playing music every night is only part of it.

Needless to say, I am truly looking forward to this tour, playing with Jeremy Ylvisaker, Jacob Hanson, and Luke Anderson every night, and listening to DMM and HW as well. I do hope you who read this will come to the show and help spread the word about these shows- I’m not sure I’ll be touring for a while because something tells me this fall will change my life for a little while- so help us make the best of it!

See you out there.

xo hb

HB covers Daniel Johnston’s “I live my broken dreams”.